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Hipster Than Thou


From your musical tastes to your political views, were you ever way ahead of the rest of us, adopting the new and the emerging before everyone else?

Let’s see the checklist again….

Flannelette shirt?  Oh certainly.  Jeans?  Not such much distressed as distraught.  Where’s my bicycle? Oh yeah, chained out the back.  Yes, it’s got the basket in front. I’ll need that when I pick up my supplies at the Clearlight Wholefood Collective.  Read poetry?  Read it, write it, declaim it, you name it!  I ‘m sure I mentioned I only watch foreign films.    A bit preachy? Well who isn’t? I’ll be on your doorstep trying to block the nuclear powerplant next door, save the forest, save the planet, reuse, recycle, do it now !

Check mirror. Yep, annoyingly bushy beard, looks silly on my young face.  Yes, annoyingly young as well.  Hair, yes lots, an artfully contrived mess. Tattoo, yep, just a little one…. ‘ironic’ you know. I’m an indistinguishable individual! While I’m at the mirror might as well do another selfie.


Check’s watch, presses little tab for new calendar function. Yeah that’s me, ahead of my time.   Oh yes. It’s 1973.  Best get down to the cafe, get my (Cuban grown)  cappuccino and wait for the future to arrive.   Did I mention I’m a patronising little twerp?  You silly old people. We invented everything!  Mothers of Invention…. our invention!


Nothing cooler than a cat!

More words…. .

Mostly Frank

Latimer Naseby. 

 Copyright notice.

5 thoughts on “Hipster Than Thou

  1. We thought the same thing reading that prompt haha, your totally more hipster though because yours got there first :p


  2. Nice take, Peter ! – and boy, can I remember you and all your ilk … [grin]


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