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Photographers, artists, poets: show us HAPHAZARD.       a Daily Prompt

I dont think anything is truly random, there’s always a pattern somewhere. At least, we are apt to see patterns in everything, clouds, fallen leaves, running water and so on. Any assemblage has come together as a result of forces somewhere, whether it be wind and tide or even humans dumping their garbage. As I’ve blogged before, it can make for great photo opportunities.  This is from a street market in Brussels.

A couple of photos from a Japanese garden. They’re so manicured, I cant believe that anything is left to chance. Looking at it another way, we’re left with the chance of seeing whatever we want, patterns, messages or calligraphy.




An Alternative To Cherry Blossom Time.

Img2_0172Japan in cherry blossom time is undoubtedly very beautiful. It is also very crowded and you can never be sure of the exact right time to go. A quieter and equally beautiful alternative is to visit Japan in the autumn. The leaves seem to radiate a light of their own. It is a magic season, full of colour and spectacle.



Img_0160This was taken on the beautiful island of Miyajima, near Hiroshima. A Japanese gentleman beckoned us over to see this sight. I cant thank him enough.


Img_0138The light is fantastic. It’s also very peaceful.