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Get My Drift

Back in the game!

I’m resurrecting this blog to put up music, photos and ideas. You might also catch a glimpse of life on Dangar Island…  bit quiet at the moment!



I like all my posts, but  I really enjoyed making these

The Butterfly Keeper

The Man Who Listens To The Sea

Light And Shade

Three Pelicans

The Dreams Of Crabs


Ms Fabulous Speaks.

A quick word from The King Of Cats. 

 Chilling Out. The word on the street.

Only Connect. 

Cats avoiding conflict.

Dont Ask Questions!

What Am I To A Cat?



11 thoughts on “Get My Drift

  1. Thank you for being a part of Project R, Ambitious Drifter.
    I hope this will be the first of many future collaborations. November will mark the beginning of a new series of discussion posts on opinion: Let’s Talk Opinion. It continues the spirit of Project R by engaging with issues that are important to other bloggers and your insights will be welcome and very much appreciated.
    I was very moved by the image you contributed to Project R – very pertinent, and somewhat melancholy. Thank you.
    Warm regards,


    • Thanks! Happy to collaborate in future!


      • Glad to hear it. I have launched the new series Let’s Talk Opinion with an article titled “You Will Be Offended”. It might be of interest.
        I am curious to know whether anyone was ever offended by a subject presented in photographic form. If you know of any such cases, do let me know and I will include it in my series.
        Thank you!


  2. Got some ideas for this, will send something soon. I’m offended by poverty voyeurism in photos…..


  3. It’s always a joy to read your posts,so I’ve nominated you for two awards. Please check


  4. Thanks for liking a post on Your blog looks really interesting so am following.


  5. As I fink upon it, there is no reason in the world why a blogger should not list those of his/her posts best liked by him/herself ! 😀
    And see what has resulted !
    Well done you, magical multi-cappuccino-maker ! [grin]


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