The Ambitious Drifter

Words, Images and The Occasional Noise

Mostly Frank


This is a series of excerpts from a work in progress titled ‘Mostly Frank’.  It’s not in order.  Neither is the story, but I blame Frank for that. I’m really keen to see how it all turns out. It’s been a fun trip so far.

I meet Frank. 

Coffee Takes You Places.

AI vs BI. All about robots.

Climate Control.

The Old Peculiarity Shop.

The Liza, The Cat & The Teapot.

The Old Man & The Tea.

Setting The Clock.

A Blue Tabby.

There’s Been A Wall.

Basho Drops By.

Food Wrapped In Words.

You Need To Know What Home Is Called.

Basho’s Motorbike.

The Serpent In The Cemetery.

Some Spare Photos.

The story is finished now, it’s in my digital bottom drawer for a few weeks till I start the edit/rewrite.  I did solve the problem of the Goth on Newtown Station. There’s actually been three Newtown Stations. This is a proper fact.


 Set the controls for the heart of King St

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