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Doors, What A Flaneur Sees

As an ambitious drifter, I am very proud to call myself a flaneur.  There is no real English equivalent of the word, although it’s also a very English pastime. I like to stroll without purpose, walk around a city without any real aim…. I’m simply there to absorb the atmosphere. You could add ‘people watcher’, although I tend not to photograph people. I dont like to invade their privacy. I do like odd buildings, strange alleys and especially doors.

Doors are mysterious because I’ll never get to know what’s behind them…. as a classic flaneur I observe, but dont engage.  Here’s another collection of doors which fired my imagination.

A house with waterfront,Delft,The Netherlands.

delft doorway

Montparnasse Cemetery,Paris. Someone’s heart has been taken.


Colourful Door, Paris


Rural France…. I love the star studs. Strength and style.


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