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Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece


I’ve chosen some photos of masterpieces from Japan for this week’s challenge.

Japanese formal gardens are a photographer’s dream. Every view is already composed for you. There’s a mastery in framing, using reflections, rocks and carefully shaped bushes and trees. The gardens can often use outside features… ‘borrowed views’ to quote a current tv gardener. In Kagoshima the garden frames a volcano.

The gardens are tended meticulously every day. Perfection is a constant challenge.

Japanese gardens can be quite small, but they can still show you infinity. They are masterpieces of beauty, created for meditation and restful thoughts.

These photos are mainly from the Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa. It is a magical place.





3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

  1. Thanks. Now, more than ever, I want to see Japan.


  2. Exactly the effect I wanted from this post…. Kanazawa is off the Tokyo,Kyoto beaten track, but well worth a few days. There’s a brilliant modern art gallery.


  3. Such a wonderful place… 🙂