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Daily Prompt: Not Extinct, Just Evolving


Of all the technologies that have gone extinct in your lifetime, which one do you miss the most?

I thought this would be easy when I first saw the prompt. After all, at my great age I have seen things go, wandered in and out of many technological cul-de-sacs.

But really? I was going to say steam trains. But there’s more of them around now than in 1970. Many great machines have been lovingly restored. Trains themselves are still around. I might marvel at a streamlined wonder from the thirties…. then hop onto a TGV or the Thalys.  Even my little local TER looks like something out of a fifties space comic.

Super train, Milan Cathedral

Super train, Milan Cathedral

So, what else has gone extinct? Analog photography definitely. I have several beautiful cameras that seem virtually new. My first Canon SLR for instance. It took the most amazing photos (I was more easily pleased in those days). I didnt mind the wait to get my pictures back from the chemist. That seemed part of the fun. Usually I’d forgotten what was on the reel of film by the time it was developed.

By comparison, my first digital camera, a Hewlett Packard,was clunky and slow. It did, however, have a 4 meg memory. Wow, that was thirty photos! Better still, I could go home, connect a wire and see my photos on screen.

Now, I keep my little Canon Ixus in my back pocket wherever I go. Every day is a photo safari. I can see what I’ve taken on the screen at the back. Bracketing? No worries, I can blaze away, trying many angles and settings.

There are great photographers still using silver nitrate film, but many others embrace the digital world. Photography has not gone extinct. It flourishes! From phone cameras to high end, low number Canon EOS machines, great pictures are still being made.

So I dont miss my analog cameras, much as I loved them, the new breed has set me free.

It strikes me that most of the technology I like  has not really become extinct, it just continues to evolve. So, I miss nothing, I cant wait to see just what they’ll think of next!

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Not Extinct, Just Evolving

  1. I see what you mean. I still miss the annoying set up of a 35mm film, Yet, I love you can see the picture just taken on a modern digital camera and know if it’s a keeper or you need to snap again. First there was an SLR then a DSLR – so, who knows what will indeed be next! 🙂


    • The digital cameras have taught me a lot about photography. It’s useful to know what it ‘thinks’ should be the aperture, time etc.


      • I’m yet to get that far in my digi-cam knowledge – mines only a compact though and maybe it’s time I read the magazine guide on Digital Cameras I bought over a year ago! 😉


  2. I have to admit I too do NOT miss film. I love not worrying about paying someone to develop film or finding a darkroom in which to work. Digital works fine for me!


  3. I miss film terribly —- the magic of developing rolls, then waiting for them to dry, then scanning the negatives and the best part – the skills and learning of development and printing from negative to positive.
    For as liberating and freeing as the digital age may be — nothing – in my opinion —- no one thing — beats photographing with film – especially black and white — and then learning that what the eye sees isn’t necessarily what the “camera’s truth” sees.
    For as now easily accessible to one and all digital photography has become – which isn’t a bad thing at all – it still leaves me feeling lost – too much sloppy, careless stuff being sent out into the world – and for as fun and cool as that may be – even interesting from and “accidental” perspective that highlights something of note – well, I just feel there is way too much “self-interest ” *stuff* ” ” out there for me taste — so maybe this makes me a “snob” or a luddite? I don’t know – but I do wish I had a better digital camera – rather than my very small Canon point and shoot -has served its purpose but is no longer useful to what I need to create.
    And so too – I have said my piece – perhaps a bit too “negative?”