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(Lost) Toy Story


What was your favorite plaything as a child? Do you see any connection between your life now, and your favorite childhood toy?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us MEMENTO.

This is a story I’ve been told, I dont remember it happening.   As a very small child I was particularly attached to a small fluffy (toy) rabbit.  After a decent interval, ie. my parents thought I’d grown up a bit, the rabbit disappeared.  However, I had noticed this and set off to search for it. Amazingly, it was found in the rubbish bin, covered with muck and ashes.  How could that have happened?

I dont have any childhood trauma over this.  I’m still buying myself toys, they please me just as much.

Today’s photos echo that theme. There’s a story here, of love and loss  This little toy is obviously lost and it’s certainly seen better days. It was obviously made with love and was loved.  Somebody somewhere may remember this rabbit after fifty years or more.  We never leave childhood.


14 thoughts on “(Lost) Toy Story

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  4. Yep, I agree someone loved this little fellow. Wouldn’t it seem strange if the bunny made it back to its original owner???


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  10. This made me laugh …reminded me of the wind blowing my baby bottle away in the night.


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