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A Fine Line Between Clever And Stupid.


Too clever by half today, I think. An Anglo Saxon saga  prompted by a panel on a building in Sydney, Australia. I passed it on the way to work every day, but it took me weeks to work out what it was. The movie rights to the poem are up for grabs.

The post title is from ‘This Is Spinal Tap’. It’s about the funniest and cleverest film I know.

A Daily Prompt musing.


Ydran Ooste sleeps here
Tomb of a great one, who, low born,
Seemed set to clean stables,
Pitch soiled hay into the street.
Saw songs as he slept, tongued well
Enough to tell such tunes
To his own kind, then others quick
Flocked to hear. Fire words warm
On winter’s night, set alight
Even a court, where lords repose
A dozing king enthralled.

Awakening princess held fast,
First by words, then eager arms
Where gloom gathers
The odd star smiles.
A raging father little could
Dissuade daughter of his same hot
Blood, that she might not keep
Her singing prize, as even then
Their child stirs live within.

So spared and richly dressed he sits
Toward the better end of table,
Hears and learns. Turns words
To hand, rises without malice
To the highest seat.
No force of arms he needed
Save his encircling own,
Wrapping that word struck girl
In a friendly blanket of stars.

ydran ooste

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