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Daily Prompt: Cats Connect

This is Cousin Cat, so named because he’s a cousin of Lytton the Kitten.  We connect…. he’s the bravest, some might say cheekiest, of the neighbourhood strays. I took this half an hour ago. 

Cousin cat.

Cousin cat.

Oh man, who you callin’ a stray? I got my place, right here where I’m sitting. Cheeky? What are you saying…. I’m pushy?  Listen dude, a cat’s gotta eat. Do I look scared of you man? No way. I aint movin’  from here, I cant see no dish in your hand neither. Still dude, no harm huh? Last night’s chicken was molto bene, you know what I’m saying?  Your cooking’s definitely getting better.

It’s nice huh? This sun, good for you, good for me. They wont let me up in the gardens, but I got my spot right here.   We agree huh? Life aint so bad.

By the way dude, what we havin’ for dinner?


Daily Prompt: Settling Right Down

After a long day at work or school, what are your favorite ways to wind down and decompress?

I’m not working at the moment, so I asked one of the locals.

Yeah man, it dont take long to wind right down. I’ve put in my two hours, prowling, sniffing…. harder than it looks. I have to check everything out, who’s been where, what’s in the bins. Plus there’s the big guy from up the road. I can never tell if he’s just howling me out or if it’s gonna come to claws.

So, then I settle down here. It fits like a glove, I can see the world, absorb a few rays… that’s working too you know. I have to have my Vitamin D. Cant really decompress totally of course. The Italian place across the way closes at 4, might pick up a stray piece of ham. Yep, serrano, tasty and chewy.

So, I hunker down and wait for better times.  They happen at 6 when the Old Lady lets me in. Always good though, a snack before dinner. I love that high class ham.




Street cat (not a stray) Figeac, France.