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Art Bites

Today’s prompt is ‘bite’.  I’d offer you a bite to eat, but we did lunch yesterday. What to do?  I have no photos of sharks, mosquitoes or lions.

Street art is full of teeth…. lots of gaping jaws.  This is a collection from the streets of Toulouse, Bristol and Newtown, Australia. They dont really bite!PSX_20200411_203024PSX_20200411_204257PSX_20200411_202821PSX_20200411_204625


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Photo Safari – Newtown Street Art

I went back yet again to my old stomping ground, Newtown in Sydney. There’s some fascinating buildings, which I’ll blog next. There’s also some great street art. I think I could run a tourist safari out there…..

Great street art and a Dodge Phoenix…. (1961?)

wpid-img_20151120_180149.jpgWhen I was taking this one a man walked past and said ‘I think the drawing’s terrible, but each time I walk past it I can hear it!’   Kookaburra



All credit must go the artists… I just pointed a camera


The Train Still Leaves From Here

This is the final photo safari post from my last Adelaide trip. Over the years Adelaide’s city fathers have done much to diminish the railway station. The (underused) marble entrance halls were turned into a casino. An uninspiring conference centre was plonked on top of the tracks. Exotic trains such as the Ghan to Darwin and the Sydney – Perth Indian Pacific still run, but not from here.

Not all is lost. The station retains some of its character, it hasn’t been turned into a bland mega mall full of franchise stores.

Seppelts still makes fine wine, so this isn’t quite a ghost sign. wpid-img_20150421_122721.jpg

The columns are interesting, they look like they’re ceramic. wpid-img_20150421_122823.jpg

The old ticket booth, now a coffee shop.


You can get some sense of the vaulted ceiling.


Street art from a nearby side street. wpid-img_20150421_123038.jpg