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In The Right Light

Light?  A good prompt, it’s all about light isn’t it?

Late afternoon light from Capdenac station. The rusty gantry is mirrored by the autumnal trees.PSX_20200412_203005

Mystical light. Cathedrals are designed to use light to inspire. Albi, France.PSX_20200412_204143

Blinding light. This shot hasn’t been photshopped…. the brightness of the day freaked out the camera sensor. I love the result, didn’t notice the soltary figure.PSX_20200412_210657

Abstract light. This is the sun through an external shutter, projected onto the net curtains in hotel room.  Striped light! I thought immediately of Captain Beefheart’s ‘Tropical Hotdog Night’.PSX_20200412_203344



An Alternative To Cherry Blossom Time.

Img2_0172Japan in cherry blossom time is undoubtedly very beautiful. It is also very crowded and you can never be sure of the exact right time to go. A quieter and equally beautiful alternative is to visit Japan in the autumn. The leaves seem to radiate a light of their own. It is a magic season, full of colour and spectacle.



Img_0160This was taken on the beautiful island of Miyajima, near Hiroshima. A Japanese gentleman beckoned us over to see this sight. I cant thank him enough.


Img_0138The light is fantastic. It’s also very peaceful.