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From The Street Up

My second go at this week’s challenge. I do a few photo safaris, mainly around Sydney’s inner suburbs. King St and Enmore Rd in Newtown have a real bustle, but if you look up, you see an earlier, more elegant  world.   I’d like to lead some walking tours, maybe called  ‘Look Up!‘  My favourite here is the art deco building, with gum trees reflected in the window. This is Australia, after all!



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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

For this week’s photo challenge… the signs!  Two that amused me.
This is at a grill restaurant in Nagasaki. There were others that made sense. This one I still cant understand. I dont want to mock Japanese English…. I speak no Japanese at all. I do speak French of sorts, but I shudder to think what I sound like to my neighbours.


This is from Antibes,France. It’s on a wall overlooking a cliff. Makes perfect sense!