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My own moon viewing platform.

If you could pause real life and spend some time living with a family anywhere in the world, where would you go?   Photographers, artists, poets: show us TRAVELS

I’m not sure I’d want to live with a family as such, I’m probably too old and grumpy for normal people!  Maybe I could live with a family of cats, or at least a few, elegant and sanguine creatures.  Where?  Almost anywhere. I’ve always wanted live live in places I’ve visited… potter round Venice, have a little flat in London,  a chic apartment in Paris…..  all of this is the stuff of fairly normal dreams. Who wouldnt want to live in these glamorous places?

I think I’d like to live in Japan for a while, probably near the markets in Kyoto. It’s an easy city to navigate, a grid pattern like my native Adelaide. There are great restaurants and interesting ancient back streets.   It’s full of the most amazing temples and gardens.  I visited a temple that had once been the home of a poet and nobleman. The house had a special  ‘moon viewing platform’….   that would suit me perfectly.

i’d write elegant poetry, mark off the phases of the moon and observe the coming of autumn. I would walk in my garden, listening to the tock of the bamboo waterspout that is there to deepen the silence.