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My own moon viewing platform.

If you could pause real life and spend some time living with a family anywhere in the world, where would you go?   Photographers, artists, poets: show us TRAVELS

I’m not sure I’d want to live with a family as such, I’m probably too old and grumpy for normal people!  Maybe I could live with a family of cats, or at least a few, elegant and sanguine creatures.  Where?  Almost anywhere. I’ve always wanted live live in places I’ve visited… potter round Venice, have a little flat in London,  a chic apartment in Paris…..  all of this is the stuff of fairly normal dreams. Who wouldnt want to live in these glamorous places?

I think I’d like to live in Japan for a while, probably near the markets in Kyoto. It’s an easy city to navigate, a grid pattern like my native Adelaide. There are great restaurants and interesting ancient back streets.   It’s full of the most amazing temples and gardens.  I visited a temple that had once been the home of a poet and nobleman. The house had a special  ‘moon viewing platform’….   that would suit me perfectly.

i’d write elegant poetry, mark off the phases of the moon and observe the coming of autumn. I would walk in my garden, listening to the tock of the bamboo waterspout that is there to deepen the silence.


What’s In A Name?

Do you know the meaning of your name, and why your parents chose it? Do you think it suits you? 

A Daily Prompt,  I was going to let this one pass, but I started getting ideas. 

My name dates me now as effectively as if I’d been called Clarence or Aethelred.  It was once a popular name, first of the Apostles and, more trendily, there was Group Captain Peter Townsend.  He was the beau of Princess Margaret, not the guitar smashing maestro who wrote ‘My Generation’.  It’s been an easy name to live with.  It’s not hard to spell and it’s meaning is well known.

I am the rock, indeed the French equivalent ‘Pierre’ also means stone.  Do  feel like a rock?  No, not at all. Maybe I could be a pebble, rolled this way and that by some small stream. I’d be shiny and interesting, for a short time.  I dont think I’m a hard person, but I do endure.  I am not strong enough to be saintly.

What sort of rock would I want to be?  One of these maybe…… gathering moss in Miyajima or venerated in Nara. Then again, maybe I’d be a timeless mystery in the Ryoanji Temple Garden in Kyoto. I leave it to the observer to work out what they’re looking at.





Photographers, artists, poets: show us HAPHAZARD.       a Daily Prompt

I dont think anything is truly random, there’s always a pattern somewhere. At least, we are apt to see patterns in everything, clouds, fallen leaves, running water and so on. Any assemblage has come together as a result of forces somewhere, whether it be wind and tide or even humans dumping their garbage. As I’ve blogged before, it can make for great photo opportunities.  This is from a street market in Brussels.

A couple of photos from a Japanese garden. They’re so manicured, I cant believe that anything is left to chance. Looking at it another way, we’re left with the chance of seeing whatever we want, patterns, messages or calligraphy.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

I’ve chosen some photos of masterpieces from Japan for this week’s challenge.

Japanese formal gardens are a photographer’s dream. Every view is already composed for you. There’s a mastery in framing, using reflections, rocks and carefully shaped bushes and trees. The gardens can often use outside features… ‘borrowed views’ to quote a current tv gardener. In Kagoshima the garden frames a volcano.

The gardens are tended meticulously every day. Perfection is a constant challenge.

Japanese gardens can be quite small, but they can still show you infinity. They are masterpieces of beauty, created for meditation and restful thoughts.

These photos are mainly from the Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa. It is a magical place.





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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

For this week’s photo challenge… the signs!  Two that amused me.
This is at a grill restaurant in Nagasaki. There were others that made sense. This one I still cant understand. I dont want to mock Japanese English…. I speak no Japanese at all. I do speak French of sorts, but I shudder to think what I sound like to my neighbours.


This is from Antibes,France. It’s on a wall overlooking a cliff. Makes perfect sense!