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Total Focus

One of the best camera accessories I ever bought for my Canon EOS camera was a macro ring extender. For a very reasonable price my 28/50 lens was converted to macro.

This is brilliant for flowers… however,  it’s hard to stay focused on such tiny objects if there’s a breeze!

Some alien plants… known in Australia as Kangaroo Paws.PSX_20200428_210021PSX_20200428_205848PSX_20200428_205538PSX_20200428_205635


Glowing Bromeliads

 I’ve been trying to take some photos of bromeliads, but it’s been very difficult. They live in a shady spot and hide among their sharp serrated leaves. I can’t capture the colour, the deepness of the red. They seem to reflect a bright light, even without a flash they glow.

I ended up using a telephoto lense, no flash, small aperture and a very long exposure time (5 – 13 seconds). Even so, they defy capture.







Tell us your tried and true techniques for focusing when that deadline looms and you need to get work done. In other words, how do you avoid wasted days and wasted nights?

I’m going to go a bit off-piste here and just concentrate on focus.  I’ve been out and about yesterday and today with my macro ring lense extender. I’m trying to capture the signs of spring.  It’s so lovely here, you can almost see the buds unfurling before your very eyes.  What I’m looking for is quite small.  As it happens, I cant focus on very much at all. My own eyes are not that good, the SLR’s autofocus is literally out of its depth.

The closer you look, the more you see. Even the petals of a tiny flower will curve away out of focus as milimetres become miles. Backgrounds are fine, you can get a good bokeh, as they call it.  However, even the smallest bloom contains an infinity.  I get back home only to be disappointed with the whole crop of pictures. Wasted days? No, not really. I’ve seen real beauty close up.

There’s a moral here. When you need to focus,  just focus on one thing at a time.  If there’s too much and you dont know where to start, take advice from Goethe.  ‘Do that which is closest at hand’.  If there’s a deadline looming, I find that panic is quite effective. eg. putting together a Daily Prompt really quickly to get a good spot on the list 😉

Some fuzzy macros from outside…. oh yeah, they dont stay still either!