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Kookaburras, Hawkesbury River, NSW, Australia.

Kookaburras are only found in Australia and New Guinea, but their harsh laughing call is always heard in jungle scenes in movies. They’re always there in Tarzan films. They are large confident birds that live by hunting.

They enjoy watching humans digging in the gardenas as they can swoop down and get worms or other tasty morsels.

I tried to encourage them to be in my garden by leaving scraps for them. Pretty soon there were ten of then, very noisy first thing in the morning!

I’m not an ornithologist, or even a ‘twitcher’, but I do love these strong and beautiful creatures.

kookaburra1 kookaburra2 kookaburra3


Three Pelicans

I spent a magical hour watching these beautiful birds wake up and eventually get going. Even now I can go back to the stillness of it in my mind. I tried to go to the beach every day with the camera, using whatever lense I had left on at the time. Sand and tide are endlessly variable, so there was always something new to see.

It was around 8.30…. early for me! I had my 80/200 telephoto lense. The tide was right in.


Three pelicans and a cormorant were all sleeping on someone’s old tinnie, moored just offshore. Tinnie is the local word for small boat. They all look like this within two years!

I tried to move slowly and quietly, not that they seemed bothered by me. I watched them stretch, yawn and preen. No one rocked the boat, it was all done gracefully.

After a time one flopped into the water and paddled off toward the reef – it’s a good fishing spot. Five minutes later another flew off, skimming the water, to the reef.

The two swam together in a neat formation. Maybe it’s a fishing routine, but it said ‘harmony’ to me. I think they mate for life. I tried not to disturb this pas de deux.


After a time, the third flew off, landing well away from my loving couple.


I left the cormorant to her morning, still resting on the battered boat.