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The Sign of Three

Photos where things come in threes.

Three wise monkeys, wisely snoozing on top of a mountain, Miyajima, Japan..100_3605

Three Spanish soldiers, out of their time, Brussels, Belgium.100_1218

Three Gilles, out of their minds.  Brussels again….  It’s hereditary, apparently.100_1253

Three Japanese ladies, manicuring the Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa, Japan.100_3413

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The New Inn

I did a training course in Gloucester, UK and was lucky enough to stay at The New Inn.  It was new in 1450.  The unfortunate Lady Jane Grey was proclaimed Queen here in 1553. They also used to host travelling theatre shows in the late 1500’s/early 1600’s.  It’s thought that ‘The Lord Chamberlain’s Men’ played a few shows in the courtyard. Certainly they’re recorded in Gloucester at that time. This would have been a good venue for them. I mention that merely because their cast included a Mr W. Shakespeare.

It’s on one of the main shopping streets of the town…. the rooms are very comfy, if a little wonky. I can forgive that!  I remember that the breakfasts were good. After 570 odd years in the hospitality business they’ve probably mastered The Full English by now!

new inn1New Inn2New Inn3New Inn4


Let Me Orchestrate You Some Lunch

Food can definitely be orchestrated. A meal may be a symphony… but it’s probably an accumulation of well planned quartets.  My buy, lunch in France!

We are lunching at La Vache Au Plafond, in Limoges. It’s a lovely room with a great staff. It being lunch, I’ve chosen a number of entree sized plates… hopefully something for everybody. Feel free to order yourself a drink…. there’s a good wine list and any number of fruit juices and non alcoholic cocktails.  It is luchtime after all.

From Les Jardins de l’Acropolis, Rodez, a tomato/ melon gazpacho… with goat’s cheese and serrano ham.PSX_20200410_202249

From Le Sphinx in Figeac…. a do it yourself tartare…. yes, the meat is raw, but you have an alternative. Hint, it’s really delicious.PSX_20200410_202126

From L’Auberge du Fort in Aubin… a tartare of betrave… beetroot. Tangy and fresh. PSX_20200410_202458

Still at L’Auberge… a very stylish dessert, rasberries and chocolate. PSX_20200410_202346

Coffee.  You can also order a noisette  (short black) or even a digestif… I’ll have a cognac.PSX_20200410_202638

Please choose your seat!PSX_20200410_203945






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Hands… an interesting prompt.  I knew I had some photos somewhere. An installation in Cahors, France, celebrating the 50th anniverdsary of a youth training/drop in centre.  Bit spooky maybe?



I found this one while searching for the Cahors pics…. Rocamadour, France. It looks like the Barbary Macaque is giving me a treat… so gentle they were! He undoubtedly appreciated my Monkey teeshirt!PSX_20200406_210645




I can normally make a Discover Prompt entry in 10 minutes, but this one set me back. I took a lovely stroll through my photo archive reflecting on the many great dishes I’ve eaten. This little blog is currently clocking up about 30 views per day. My Google Maps food photos are just about to reach 6,000,000 views.

Some of the tastiest dishes don’t make the best photos. From La Vache Au Plafond in Limoges, France, Oeufs en Meurette. A remarkable sauce made from Burgundy wine, onions and butter is heated in the oven. At the last moment, a raw egg is dropped in. Add croutons and serve. You should get a perfectly poached egg with a runny yolk. PSX_20190629_234438

From Le Quai in Narbonne, France. Gazpacho… a tasty cold soup on a very hot day. How did they know I was a musician?PSX_20200405_215628

From l’Allee Des Vignes in Carjac, France…. A Michelin starred dessert…. the special plate is designed so that your partner can’t see what you’re having and demand some of it.PSX_20200405_215956

Back to Limoges… the National Porcelain Museum…. dishes made by Picasso.PSX_20200405_213737

I could add 100 more photos!







Streets of Our Town

Today’s Discovery Prompt is ‘street’… my only problem here, what to put up?  So much choice!

A tale of two streets.

First up, looking up the street from my place, taken in late December, taken around 2pm. We’re not on fire, but a huge area nearby is an uncontrollable bushfire.



Another street in Narbonne in France. It’s a pretty enough shopping street, known as Le Pont Des Marchands.   It’s only remarkable when you get to the end of it and realise that you’ve just crossed the Canal de la Robine.

The street…PSX_20200404_212842

And from the outside… a  bridge of shops and houses.   London had one, Venice still has the Rialto.PSX_20200404_211912





La France Profonde

Relaxing at home today, so I’ve got time to write something for the Daily Prompt.  Profound?

I’m lucky to be living and travelling in La France Profonde… it means, I suppose, Deepest France. It’s not Paris, or even Toulouse. It’s beautiful countryside with entrancing medieval towns (and cities), stunning views and oh…. the food. La France Profonde is about localisation, the specialities come from locally produced goods. Here it’s duck, goose and a plethora of wonderful cheeses. A lot of the cheese is from the milk of goats or sheep. We’re getting close to the mountains, so the land isn’t suitable for beef cattle.  The fruit and veges you buy are seasonal…. alas I just missed out on the cherries this year!

A word you see often is ‘terroire’… which can simply mean territory or area. Here it’s also the place of your soul, your homeland. The word has deep meaning, it’s where your roots are.  The Aboriginal people of Australia have much the same relationship with their land. I suspect people everywhere, deep down,  feel the same thing.

La France Profonde, a profound experience.