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Are you feeling lucky?

 Luck comes in many forms.

I made this one for a Friday 13th post. As luck would have it, (2 Friday 13ths later) the prompt was something different that day.

So…. here’s one I made earlier!

 (always wanted to say that!)

You might stumble upon love, although your path seems full of potholes.

You walk into a pachinko parlour and finally make your fortune, despite all the odds.

A grand piano falls out of a upstairs window and misses you by inches, the luckiest day of your life.

You finally get that black cat crossing your path, or you might cross his path.

You might even predict what the Photo Challenge is going to be.


I Am Ephemeral

Show us what ephemeral means to you.

I went down to the beach before dawn the other day. The light and the natural beach art is certainly fleeting, but I am the emphemeral one here. This ancient gallery has a new display every day.


Dawn light across Mareela Reef, Dangar Island, Australia


New beach art, what are they trying to describe?


After the rain, a new beach still life