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I can normally make a Discover Prompt entry in 10 minutes, but this one set me back. I took a lovely stroll through my photo archive reflecting on the many great dishes I’ve eaten. This little blog is currently clocking up about 30 views per day. My Google Maps food photos are just about to reach 6,000,000 views.

Some of the tastiest dishes don’t make the best photos. From La Vache Au Plafond in Limoges, France, Oeufs en Meurette. A remarkable sauce made from Burgundy wine, onions and butter is heated in the oven. At the last moment, a raw egg is dropped in. Add croutons and serve. You should get a perfectly poached egg with a runny yolk. PSX_20190629_234438

From Le Quai in Narbonne, France. Gazpacho… a tasty cold soup on a very hot day. How did they know I was a musician?PSX_20200405_215628

From l’Allee Des Vignes in Carjac, France…. A Michelin starred dessert…. the special plate is designed so that your partner can’t see what you’re having and demand some of it.PSX_20200405_215956

Back to Limoges… the National Porcelain Museum…. dishes made by Picasso.PSX_20200405_213737

I could add 100 more photos!







Streets of Our Town

Today’s Discovery Prompt is ‘street’… my only problem here, what to put up?  So much choice!

A tale of two streets.

First up, looking up the street from my place, taken in late December, taken around 2pm. We’re not on fire, but a huge area nearby is an uncontrollable bushfire.



Another street in Narbonne in France. It’s a pretty enough shopping street, known as Le Pont Des Marchands.   It’s only remarkable when you get to the end of it and realise that you’ve just crossed the Canal de la Robine.

The street…PSX_20200404_212842

And from the outside… a  bridge of shops and houses.   London had one, Venice still has the Rialto.PSX_20200404_211912





On Song

  I’m just reintroducing myself to the joys of blogging…. keeps me sane in the lockdown times.

Another prompt  from Discover. “Song”.  Hmmm…. should be easy… I invent tunes all day. Still… ‘song’ implies words… which means I’d have to unleash my singing voice.  I’ve never been much of a lead singer, but I can manage backing vocals OK.

Here’s one I made earlier…. much earlier.  First person to tell me the name of the film where Kirk Douglas takes his hands off the wheel of his little sportscar…. erm, gets a gold star.

I Gave Up…..  J P Horsam & His Imaginary Friends.  All music is subject copyright.

Obligatory photo… the amazing Jacques Coeur, awaiting a visitor in Bourges, France. This place is now in my bucket and I’m very happy.




Plaisanterie – Ou Est La Vache????

A joke that saved my life…. well it saved my evening.

It was a dark and stormy night, in Limoges. Actually, it was only 7.45pm but it was dark, wet and windy. I’d arrived in town at 3pm… identified a place to eat, then explored a bit. It turned out to be the day after a public holiday…. there wasn’t going to be much open for dinner.

Surely, the tiny Lebanese place two doors from the hotel would be open?  It was, the two tables full and bookings till 9.30. Aargh… my only other options were a packet sandwich from a small night shop, or to go down the far end of the street and visit a well known, delivery only, pizza chain.  Hmm… I wasn’t in France to eat industrial pizza… but it would be warm, at least.

Toward the dark end of the street I saw a vision, a French bistro, check tableclothes and all, open, almost empty. Yes, they had a table!   No sooner had I come in, but I realised where I was. A place so legendary, I hadn’t bothered to check it online.

‘Ou est la vache?’  I said cheerily.  The waiter pointed upwards. There she was… the legendary ‘La Vache Au Plafond’… and there, on the ceiling, was The Cow, Herself.  It was one of the finest meals I’ve ever eaten… alas I was alone, such a place needs good company.      I wasn’t really alone… the place filled up rapidly with single diners… all the out of towners.

I’ve been back since… French countrystyle cuisine… lots of meat… gorgeous if you like that kind of thing. I do. Vive La Vache!


Look up!


Back Again

I’ve resurrected the blog to provide a platform for my music while I’m housebound.  I’ll be trying to encourage the many musicians around the place to post their music…

We have an Open Mic night on the lsland…. since that can’t happen for a few months, I’d like to keep the spirit of thing alive. Dangar Island has a lot of great musicians.

Two instrumentals, ones that I made earlier!

I always put up a photo or two… it’s Drifter policy.  The South Door of the Abbey of Moissac, France.  Everything in it is a story. I could look at it for hours.


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I drifted into Exeter, UK, to bag yet another cathedral. It seems a bit stumpy outside but that’s because the towers are a leftover from the Norman original (1133) .  It’s quite spectacular inside, famed for its vaulted ceiling.

The organ looks like a steampunk spaceship (as do many cathedrals). There’s an amazing misericord (lean on seat for the long long services) with an elephant…. from around 1240.   Earliest depiction in the UK of such a mythical beast.

There’s a brilliant ancient door in the cathedral close. Haven’t blogged a door in ages.

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Back To The Blog

I haven’t done anything since WordPress killed off the weekly photo challenge. Not sure why they did that, it was a good showcase for some great photographers. Very few people will get to see this…. no one knows it’s up there.

Winter on Dangar Island…. a few scenes, plus a close up of the elusive Chilli Bandit.