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The Affair of The Seven Notes

Stirred by the Discovery Prompt ‘Notes’ it was easy enough to recall a mysterious murder I was able to solve, with some small difficulty, last year.  I was spending a quiet few days in the historical town of Narbonne, in France. The inestimable Hotel de Paris has a singular check-in routine.  Check in is from 2.30pm, but the hard working staff take their rest between  1pm and 5pm. One is provided only with a code to the front door. Inside, I was led to expect, there’d be all the information I needed to make myself at home.

I let myself in and found 7 notes placed on the reception counter. Each one, I knew, contained a key and a message of welcome. I was the first to arrive. The hotel, small, but comfortable, was deserted. Next to reception was a satisfyingly spooky spiral staircase up to the rooms. I shall not divulge the names on the envelopes. It is far too recent for that.

I felt like Hercule Poirot…. I would not have been surprised to hear of a murder that night, probably in a room locked from the inside.

I did see my fellow tenants at breakfast the next day. Sadly they did not include a retired Major-General, a shifty guy & a young woman, an alluring woman of a certain age, or even an American millionaire (incognito).

The murder then, happened in my imagination… the setting is real.

When this plague is over, I will certainly return. It was a very enjoyable stay.PSX_20200423_203352


Streets of Our Town

Today’s Discovery Prompt is ‘street’… my only problem here, what to put up?  So much choice!

A tale of two streets.

First up, looking up the street from my place, taken in late December, taken around 2pm. We’re not on fire, but a huge area nearby is an uncontrollable bushfire.



Another street in Narbonne in France. It’s a pretty enough shopping street, known as Le Pont Des Marchands.   It’s only remarkable when you get to the end of it and realise that you’ve just crossed the Canal de la Robine.

The street…PSX_20200404_212842

And from the outside… a  bridge of shops and houses.   London had one, Venice still has the Rialto.PSX_20200404_211912