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Ovunque Proteggi

This is a song I recorded with my musical partner in crime Dom Di Dato. It’s by an Italian singer called Vinicio Caposella. I’m using the Youtube version because we’ve agreed to pass the royalties (if any) over to the original songwriter. We’re very happy to do that.

The images were all made on Dangar Island, Australia. The edit software is Philmora X, by Wondershare.

Please refer to the About Me page for further copyright information


Make a rhythm they said. OK, here’s one I made earlier. The sampled beat has many rhythm lines, the lurching bass and the reggaae-ish guitar give it another dimension. The out of tune horn section is supposed to be like a circus orchestra.

Rousseau at the Circus.

Another tune from me & my Imaginary Friends… ie, myself and a 16 track recorder.

Photos…. the carnival in Figeac, France.PSX_20200422_212808PSX_20200422_212642


On Song

  I’m just reintroducing myself to the joys of blogging…. keeps me sane in the lockdown times.

Another prompt  from Discover. “Song”.  Hmmm…. should be easy… I invent tunes all day. Still… ‘song’ implies words… which means I’d have to unleash my singing voice.  I’ve never been much of a lead singer, but I can manage backing vocals OK.

Here’s one I made earlier…. much earlier.  First person to tell me the name of the film where Kirk Douglas takes his hands off the wheel of his little sportscar…. erm, gets a gold star.

I Gave Up…..  J P Horsam & His Imaginary Friends.  All music is subject copyright.

Obligatory photo… the amazing Jacques Coeur, awaiting a visitor in Bourges, France. This place is now in my bucket and I’m very happy.




Back Again

I’ve resurrected the blog to provide a platform for my music while I’m housebound.  I’ll be trying to encourage the many musicians around the place to post their music…

We have an Open Mic night on the lsland…. since that can’t happen for a few months, I’d like to keep the spirit of thing alive. Dangar Island has a lot of great musicians.

Two instrumentals, ones that I made earlier!

I always put up a photo or two… it’s Drifter policy.  The South Door of the Abbey of Moissac, France.  Everything in it is a story. I could look at it for hours.