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Drifting Back


I haven’t ventured much beyond my backyard these last few years. I’ve photographed everything in the garden. Soon I’m on the road again! More photos will follow.

A few oldies to get back into the swing of it.

King Parrots, always welcome visitors

PS, WordPress, your software is virtually unuseable.

13 thoughts on “Drifting Back

  1. Are these taken in your yard? if so, where is it. Also, what version of WP are you using, Classic or Block?


  2. Oops forgot to comment on the photos. Love them.


    • I tried to install the Classic Editor plugin. It requires me to upgrade to a business plan. Like Facebook these greedy children are monetising themselves out of a customer. I’ve been premium for years, not a business. I am an IT professional, so I’ll battle the blocks. Thanks anyway.


  3. Hi didnt work either. I sense a software update. I’ll battle on! I learn quickly! More posts soon!




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