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Streets of Our Town


Today’s Discovery Prompt is ‘street’… my only problem here, what to put up?  So much choice!

A tale of two streets.

First up, looking up the street from my place, taken in late December, taken around 2pm. We’re not on fire, but a huge area nearby is an uncontrollable bushfire.



Another street in Narbonne in France. It’s a pretty enough shopping street, known as Le Pont Des Marchands.   It’s only remarkable when you get to the end of it and realise that you’ve just crossed the Canal de la Robine.

The street…PSX_20200404_212842

And from the outside… a  bridge of shops and houses.   London had one, Venice still has the Rialto.PSX_20200404_211912




3 thoughts on “Streets of Our Town

  1. thanks for sharing! beautiful streets. The bush fire is a little bit scary though.. I hope all turned out to be well..


    • We were spared. Then the drought broke and the garden was underwater for an afternoon. The storms sent trees flying. All good now apart from the virus. I wouldnt mind a few days in Narbonne right now!


  2. What an interesting assortment of streets, and I’m glad everything worked out with the bushfire ☺️