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Abstract Jacaranda


In Sydney you can tell that summer is coming when the jacaranda blooms. When the petals fall it’s like purple snow. 

                       The birdbath….there’s water in there somewhere.

                                                      Jacaranda snowflakes.

                   Seen on Dangar Island, Australia this time of year.

7 thoughts on “Abstract Jacaranda

  1. Love your fallen jacaranda photos. Reminds me of my childhood where the fall was so thick my brother and I would slide around on the sludgy mess they made.


  2. in Brissie we say that November, when the jacarandas bloom, heralds exam week at Uni. purple snow, purple rain. loved the first photo. love jacarandas. 🙂

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  3. Lovely “snow” color. 🙂


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  4. Such an original way of photographing these flowers! My city, Pretoria in South Africa, used to plant rows of jacarandas along the streets. In October, there are still purple vistas – beautiful…


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