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9 thoughts on “How Do You Like Your Steak?

  1. eating raw meat seems very carnivorous, I guess it is a full moon…


  2. Back when I was much, much younger and my grandparents raised cattle, they would give us beef. The ground beef was so lean and good that I used to eat it raw with just a bit of salt and pepper. I’d never dare do that now unless I knew exactly where the meat came from. Loved the funny photos.


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  3. Nice take on the theme- love the piggy and sheep upstairs…..

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  4. When I was a student I was a guide in the Cango caves in South Afriica. Yo u get 2 kinds of tourist ,the sheep who listen what you are saying and follow and the goat type who drifts off and jumps on everything. I seems as if this sheep is the goat type.


  5. What a cute collage of photos! And I enjoyed your play on the Challenge Topic: Rare.


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