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La France Profonde


Relaxing at home today, so I’ve got time to write something for the Daily Prompt.  Profound?

I’m lucky to be living and travelling in La France Profonde… it means, I suppose, Deepest France. It’s not Paris, or even Toulouse. It’s beautiful countryside with entrancing medieval towns (and cities), stunning views and oh…. the food. La France Profonde is about localisation, the specialities come from locally produced goods. Here it’s duck, goose and a plethora of wonderful cheeses. A lot of the cheese is from the milk of goats or sheep. We’re getting close to the mountains, so the land isn’t suitable for beef cattle.  The fruit and veges you buy are seasonal…. alas I just missed out on the cherries this year!

A word you see often is ‘terroire’… which can simply mean territory or area. Here it’s also the place of your soul, your homeland. The word has deep meaning, it’s where your roots are.  The Aboriginal people of Australia have much the same relationship with their land. I suspect people everywhere, deep down,  feel the same thing.

La France Profonde, a profound experience.



3 thoughts on “La France Profonde

  1. You are so lucky. Beautiful photos. Enjoy!


  2. Spotted in the most delightful sunny spot! That’s what first drew me to your blog: your posts about the cats in France.