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Future Car


When petrol cost pennies, cars looked like spaceships. We were all zooming off into the future. Soon all our cars will be electric… they’ll drive themselves.   I normally take photos to document the disappearing past.  Here’s the disappearing future .

Retro/futuro, Newtown, NSW,  Australia


Crashproof electric car


Top secret prototype – self drive car ( from the Google Dangar Island innovation centre)img_20160409_113445.jpg


8 thoughts on “Future Car

  1. Very well done…

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  2. Your top secret prototype made me giggle.


  3. A witty sequence … gets me thinking, where has all the optimistic Sci-Fi gone? Nowadays it’s all dystopias. Nice blog, will follow. Glad you liked my post


  4. Very nice. I remember riding around in those big old cars. You felt pretty safe because they were like tanks. Next we will just plug in our destination, sit back and relax because the car knows the way. Love and Light!


  5. A fun post and creative take on the challenge; well done 🙂

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