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Colours and Textures – A Photo Safari


I managed to mislay the charger for my Canon Ixus pocket camera. No more battery power!   It was looking pretty battered, so I decided to treat myself to a new one. The new model (275 HS) wasn’t expensive and it’s got wifi plus it’s 20 megapixels! I’m completely happy with it. Early on, I did think the image was a little grainy, till I read the fine print. The digital zoom just keeps going till it’s too grainy, something like 48x. It’s still a reasonable photo, but can’t really be blown up any further. I’ve turned off the feature, the 12x physical zoom is enough for me. I probably did that on my previous model.

So, ideal for the daily photo safari and those odd moments you need to capture.

A Morning Stroll On Dangar Island, Australia





2 thoughts on “Colours and Textures – A Photo Safari

  1. Very beautiful! Are they rosellas or rainbow laurikeets? We have peach face parrots here.