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As I Walked Up Enmore Rd


For this week’s photo challenge, share a shot of something you saw, did, or experienced on the way:

I always carry a small camera with me to pick up the odd stuff you see along the way. I had a dream about this the next night, having forgotten all about the photo. I think there’s a poem in here somewhere, but that’ll have to come later.

wpid-img_20150502_111936.jpgEnmore Rd, Sydney, Australia.



3 thoughts on “As I Walked Up Enmore Rd

  1. Great Photo Challenge


  2. Did you pick it up literally and if so, did you put it together and were all the pieces there? How boring to have to answer to someone who wants the full story all the time, huh? Actually, you captured a full story with the picture. No need for more–except for those of us who just keep asking for more!! Fine pic. Judy


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