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Bon Anniversaire!


WordPress tells me I’ve been doing this for two years now. Time flies!  I’ve managed around 300 posts.  I’ve amassed some 560 followers, really nice folk from all around the world. There’s been over 7000 likes, well over 20000 views now. I’ve also seen some great photos from like minded souls around the planet.

I’ve loved every minute. I’m obviously not going to stop now!  So, in keeping with Drifter house rules, there must be a photo. But what?  I’m lost with a photo challenge.  Oh alright, a cat, haven’t done a cat for ages. There’s still not enough cats on the internet.

This is Odin, a bright young man about town, one of my neighbours. He’s fairly new to the game, but already he’s quite the dude.

wpid-img_20150514_205656.jpgOdin, Dangar Island, Australia


4 thoughts on “Bon Anniversaire!

  1. Happy Anniversary and Meow to Odin from Que DeCat.


  2. defintely something to celebrate!!! cats are eternal


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