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Birdwatching At Largs Bay


More from my latest Adelaide safari. The Largs Pier Hotel is a sacred site for me. The photos can’t capture the excitement of the 1970’s, when I saw Australia’s greatest bands there. What remains is an elegant pub that does a good lunch and the local birdlife. There’s lots of memories too, but I’ll write those up later.

The Largs Pier Hotel.

wpid-img_20150420_141437.jpgThe View From The Jetty.

wpid-img_20150420_141342.jpgThe Largs used to be the German Consulate, the eagles remain.


A rare sighting of the Largs Bay Street Emu.

wpid-img_20150420_141104.jpgA proper bird. wpid-img_20150420_141037.jpg



5 thoughts on “Birdwatching At Largs Bay

  1. An amazing building. What a joy for you to rediscover it!


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