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Photo Safari 3


I’m planning three Photo Safari posts this week. They’ll all be more sights of Adelaide, architecture, the railway station and the legendary Largs Pier Hotel.

Despite the best efforts of successive generations of councils, there are still some interesting buildings left in Adelaide.  Often you have to look up to see them. One floor above the underwhelming Rundle Mall  ‘shopping experience’ you can still find quirky buildings with personality.

A standout is the CML building on the corner of Hindley and King William Streets. The odd decoration scheme makes it look like the headquarters of some gothic super villain. You can spot Aztec style owl gargoyles, rampant lions, green men and a host of odd shapes.


Boring clothes shops and fast food joints cropped out using Aviary

7 thoughts on “Photo Safari 3

  1. How amazing that it’s only the top part that’s gothic, Peter !!!