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Fleeting Rewards


The topic this week is reward.

I love trying to get a good photo of a dragonfly, they rarely stay still. I might get one half decent shot out of twenty. The reward is not the photo, it’s the ten minutes I spent in contemplation, watching these beautiful creatures.


The back garden, Dangar Island, Australia.

Note the tiny spider lurking under the leaf.


9 thoughts on “Fleeting Rewards

  1. Fleeting indeed! Great capture. They flit away fast.

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  2. Dragonflies are my favorite insects and you have captured a great shot with such detail. Nice work!!

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  3. fabulous shot! Getting a shot like that when out with the camera is definitely rewarding 🙂

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  4. I know, a hard shot to capture…very nice


  5. Great work! wonderful patience…


  6. Ah…yes! But often they do give another chance or two! Glad this beauty allowed the reward you hoped for.


  7. I do have the luxury of going back 😉


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