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A Kitchen Poem


Kitchen Poem.

I love exotic bottles with their breath balsamic,
Where fragrance stays and curves promise.
Magical futures might be implied.
In the spice rack of my pride
These will be my kitchen totems.

So happy in my planning
I scrape the labels back
To the sandstock of the glass
I wonder, a class thing perhaps
To gentrify these pickle jars.

I gently warm the nicest oils
Add garlic, chilli, imagination,
My hope of meals and salad dreams.
And then I store them, wait and see
Find other little kitchen schemes.

Dragged out later from the dust
Back of the shelf, lid half rust
Debate if to taste, with deadened nerves
The flavour if any, not equal to the curves.

kitchenwax2My kitchen shelf. Processed with ‘hot wax coating’ in Paint Shop Pro.


6 thoughts on “A Kitchen Poem

  1. I love your poem. It’s all there…Judy


  2. And speaking of balsamic, I am half-way through a most wonderful bottle of same … The problem is that every time I use it (almost every night I have salad with something), I take a little sip …
    Love your poem ! – but don’t love your PaintShop image. Let’s have a gink at it without PaintShop ! πŸ™‚