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Photo Safari 1

Now that I’m back in Australia I’ll be blogging a few of the sights {and sites) that I love. Expect more writing from the crabs on the beach and the wonders of inner-city Sydney.

Today, King St, Newtown, home of my imaginary time-travelling coffee lounge and many other interesting places.

Copyright J P Horsam 2015

The Aboriginal flag flies proudly. Back in the ’80s there was a fabulous indigenous band that played brilliant Creedence covers on a Saturday afternoon.

Copyright J P Horsam 2015

The Marlborough has never been a rough pub!

Copyright J P Horsam 2015

Newtown terrace houses.

Copyright J P Horsam 2015

Street art opposite Mostly Frank’s Coffee Lounge.


Annotated phone, somewhat kewl, as Quarksire would say.

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