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Gloria – A saint to my local cats

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My hero for this year , now that I’ve been introduced formally, is Gloria, the Cat Woman of La Curie. Rain, snow or shine she turns up at 4pm with meat for all the local strays. She tends one of the market gardens near my house and keeps a fine collection of her ‘personal’ cats. Apart from those lucky dudes, every moggy from her house to the gardens gets some fresh meat daily. She collects leftovers from all the butchers in town. A true saint!

Waiting for Gloria

One thought on “Gloria – A saint to my local cats

  1. Here in Pretoria, South Africa, are some more Cat Women and they are truly saints. A friend of mine arranges for the sterilisation of strays, who are then put back in their habitats and become her personal responsibility. She sets up feeding stations and does her stringent twice-weekly rounds in various areas, cleaning dishes and replenishing the food and water. It’s hard and sometimes heart-breaking work.

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