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Steaming Off To The Afterlife


Friday’s  Challenge 

In today’s challenge, show us what “gone, but not forgotten” means to you. 

Take 2, something completely different, a steampunk tomb in Montmartre cemetery, Paris. It’s a French TARDIS, I’m sure.



Yet again, the French remain stylish in death. I need to research who was buried here.

UPDATED. M. Lemaitre owned metal working factories in Paris. Francois Cavé was one of the early builders of steam engines in France.  (en français)

6 thoughts on “Steaming Off To The Afterlife

  1. Haha, it does look like a tardis and yes, typically French, very elegant.

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  2. Thanks for the update. Things like this are why we love old cemeteries!



  3. The owls mean something…Could be an inventor. Very nice choice. I’m sure he is a time traveller


  4. Fascinating – What an incredible crypt!

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