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34 thoughts on “Minimal Decor, Maximum Cool

  1. Makes me cold. 🙂 I’d love to see some touches of color.


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  2. amazing picture !! But the mischievous me, wants to use a color gun there 😉


  3. Very minimalist, indeed! I’d like to just drop one spot of red ink somewhere to break it up (hahahaa!)


  4. Yes maximal cool, great shot and titel!!


  5. Must be the minimalistist of all ! [grin]


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  7. I love that thè colour smothers every corner


  8. That must be hard to keep clean!!! Great photo!


  9. Love this for the challenge – but a bit too cold to live with…


  10. Beautiful example of minimalist.


  11. Nice choice! I find it calming …soothing, clean …until someone spills something bright and messes it up. Ha! 🙂


  12. Looks very funky.. and snowy as well.. I’m curious about the taste of coffee or tea over there.. Swav


  13. Looks sleek but I do love me some color 🙂

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