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Interview, Ms Fabulous Speaks


Weekly Writing Challenge.

Conduct your Q & A as an informal dialogue and write it down from memory, or compose a story in which this conversation assumes a central role.

 As you may know, cats really dont do questions. I find it easier to get them to relax and tell me their story, it’s a useful technique. We dont often get socialites passing through, but I believe this one was heading home from George & Amal’s little shindig in Venice.

I am Fabergé Sapphire Dusky Moonlight. You know what that funny little line above the e means darling?  That means class. My cat friends call me Fab  I’ve got Papers you know, you’re looking at real breeding here. Look, I’m not really a snob, I’m  just a regular mog really. I like to keep in touch with the street folk, one does like to keep it real. You know some of the local toms round here are refreshingly direct.  Plus, my people darling…. appalling! Same dinner every night, a girl can get fed up with minced fresh rabbit with vitamin supplement.

You got some chicken? Love chicken! Anything real greasy? It’s good for my fur you know. You wanna photo? That’s going to cost…. you got sausages?  I could really go a sausage!

By the way darling, thanks awfully for the soft focus shot. Everyone’s so photoshopped these days, it’s all those instagram filters or whatever. Anyway, a girl does like to feel up to date with these things.


 Down by the bins. Fab slumming it in Figeac, France.

4 thoughts on “Interview, Ms Fabulous Speaks

  1. Aww, Fab is adorable! I very much enjoyed your blog, it made me smile 🙂


  2. Loved, loved, LOVED this! Fab photo of Fab, but she’s told you that herself 🙂


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