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The Drunk Outside My Window



There’s a man beneath my window

I can smell his drunken halo.

On warm winds in the evening

I can sense his stale sweet breath.

Small birds gather round him

For the crumbs dropped from his beard.

He exhales only memories

He’s the end of the summer feast.

It’s the vine my neighbour used to keep

Before he passed away,

The fruit that I can never reach

It ferments before its time.

I thought the the season was good this year,

The winter barely came.

But the grapes are small and bitter

I will not risk the climb.

As I sit beside my window to

Catch the last of the summer air,

The drunk who dreams the seasons

Reminds me he’s still there.

This is another experiment adding sound to my blog. The poem, the music and the photos were all made today.  Alas, I cannot convey to you the scent….. it smells like last night’s wine glasses.

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4 thoughts on “The Drunk Outside My Window

  1. your experiment worked wonderfully 🙂


  2. This is the result of living in France … of living in le Lot, in the midi-Pyrenées … It does amazing things to the brain. Makes it fecund with words, and then they’re born.