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Humans, Always Going Somewhere – Weekly Photo Challenge


This Week’s Challenge? 

 For this week’s challenge, share what humanity means to you. Share a single photo or a collage like the tiled gallery below to represent a sea of humanity.

I don’t do many ‘people scenes’ but here’s a few featuring a cast of thousands.


13 thoughts on “Humans, Always Going Somewhere – Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Lots of life in those streets!



  2. Some people say one big city is just like another, but your photos disprove that. I love exploring a new city – there’s always something or someone interesting to see.


  3. Tu es un homme beaucoup voyagé ! 🙂


  4. Don’t you just wonder where everybody is rushing to?


  5. Yee, its an ocean of colors and humanity, despite the fact that you dont do many such shots. Liked it very much. Whichever part of the world we visit, this humanity is so ubiquitous. I am waiting for you to visit my photos as well. I am sure you would enjoy my collage of humanity. 🙂



  6. Excellent captures. People everywhere, but each photo tells a different story. That first photo of the couple is really interesting…they don’t look too happy with one another! There’s always something to do in the city, and I’m not surprised there are people everywhere 🙂