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Mr Faraday’s Cage

A Note About The Author.

Latimer Naseby is an administrator living and working in Winston City, British Nebraska. He studied steam hydraulics at Brunel’s Institute of Pneumatic Traction in Swindon before joining His Majesty’s Civil Service. He is known to be fond of cats and he has claimed that he could not live without his Optical Telegraphy account.

A Note About Mr Faraday.

Michael Faraday first came to the notice of history as an assistant and valet to Sir Humphry Davy. He was an astute, if not particularly deep thinking, mathematician. He is credited with the documentation of some of Davy’s work on the isolation and refining of flammable gases. He made a detailed study of magnetics and electricity, subjects he later abandoned.  Having thus expended his scientific stock of goodwill on such a futile and ultimately dangerous side-show entertainment, he entered the church as a clergyman. His declining years were spent in rural obscurity.

Some of his writings and early papers have been collected by Mr Naseby who finds the cul-de-sacs of science both amusing and instructive.

It is proposed to record here some of Mr Faraday’s early work made obscure by our own, more enlightened, age.


Interior View, The Atrium,  Brunel’s Institute of Pneumatic Traction, Swindon, Great Britain

This is the first excerpt of a new fiction work ‘Mr Faraday’s Cage’. I will be publishing the next part on Sunday, just as soon as I have written it.

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