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Motorbike Tanka


A Tanka Challenge. 

How could I let this one go past?

You’ll have to click on the link above to see the challenge.

 Last week I had to make a couple of haiku for my story. I’d just had Basho drop into my magical coffee lounge, so he had to knock off a verse or two.  I think he’s on his way up to see Liza Donnithorne about getting a new motorbike. I didn’t know he’d turned up at the wake till just now. 


I was really pleased to see all the guests, everyone is welcome at a wake.  Liza’s bike customers were out in force, including our old friend Basho. Ever since he’d read about “The Motorcycle Diaries’ in the cafe, he’s had a hankering to try it for himself. His mate Sora wants them to ride Route 66 which isn’t a bad idea. Liza’s recommending a couple of reliable bikes, Basho is not so sure. He’d like one of Liza’s specials. Being somewhat supernatural, maintenance won’t be a problem. I’ve never seen the old man so excited. Not often you get a tanka!

Soon I will travel 

On a Vincent Black Shadow

With speed and great style

Paniers I’ll need at least

Plenty of food for a week


One of Liza’s specials. Basho doesn’t want a sidecar.

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5 thoughts on “Motorbike Tanka

  1. Love the bike and the tanka!


  2. Wow superb bike. I had heard about Vincent Black Shadow being top of the league in bikes and now I see why. Such a classy design. I bet they don’t come cheap though ay?! A beauty.