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What Works, What Doesn’t


If money were out of the equation, would you still work? If yes, why, and how much? If not, what would you do with your free time?

An interesting prompt. I’m not working at the moment, so money is completely  out of the equation! Like many people, my escape scheme is a lottery win. I have it all planned. I’ll be a writer. I’ll go to interesting places and write my great works.  As it is, I’m in an interesting place, France, sitting here writing a novel.  In some ways, I’ve never felt richer.

Anyway, it’s a Thursday, so time for another snippet from the aforementioned great work in progress. Time for….


We hop off the minibus near the station and walk through the backstreets to the cafe. In the side alleys I can see small furry faces, mostly with the same colours as the shrine cat. It’s not dinner time yet, so they’re just curious. I suppose there’s not that many aliens in Kagoshima, even on Cat Time Day. I could believe it’s all the same cat, but they all have different faces.

There’s a theory that states that there’s only one cat in the universe who appears simultaneously in many places at once. This is called the Single Cat Theory. It doesn’t work for me because they’re all different colours for a start. Proponents point to the persistence of tabbies, but I’m not so sure.
I spot a cat sitting in a small shop window just down the street from the cafe. It’s hard to miss, it’s blue, well practically blue. It’s a blue tabby, they’re very rare. I stare through the window, but it doesn’ t look back at me. No, it’s too busy with the important business of face washing. One front paw raised, it’s using the other one to steady itself. On the grounded paw I can see it’s wearing an elegant , small wristwatch.


Some of this might make sense if you know about the Kagoshima Cat Shrine. 

I should also credit the artist who painted the lovely card. She’s called Kwong Kuen Shan, it’s from a series called ‘The Cat and The Tao – The Philosopher Cat.

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3 thoughts on “What Works, What Doesn’t

  1. I’d write too. 🙂 I just hope even if I have to work, may that work be writing. 😉


  2. A great story in itself and nicely written. Good luck with the novel. My answer:
    Bicycle in foreign lands, meet people and learn languages. Lucky me. That’s what I’m doing today and tomorrow and for a few weeks. Vietnam. Beautiful people, beautiful countryside.