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In Which I Write A Country Song


A misused word, a misremembered song lyric, a cream pie that just happened to be there: tell us about a time you (or someone else) said or did something unintentionally funny.

A typo in a Cathay Pacific inflight entertainment list. A song… never got to listen to it…. but I figured I’d write it myself

Am I Wasting My Tie On You Baby?

I haven’t written the tune yet, but it’s country song, so it’ll be E,D & A probably……


The date was for eight but you were late

You didn’t want fish, you didn’t want steak

You dressed right down but it’s a fancy place

Could you have been my big mistake?


         Am I wasting my tie on you baby?

         It cost ten bucks from a fancy store

         I wanted a yes, you gave me a maybe

         Now I aint so sure I should have asked for more

And so on, a singalong piece of jukebox misery. Suitable for sad cowboys and men who’ve been on the road for far too long.


A selection of my fanciest ties. 

 Copyright notice.

8 thoughts on “In Which I Write A Country Song

  1. Nice stuff Pete.


  2. But that is very clever, Peter !! – I LOVE the word with the letter missing !!!! 😀


  3. Witty and quite brilliant! I agree that typos and odd translations can be incredibly funny


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