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But No Wiser!

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A Daily Prompt…….You wake up one day and realize you’re ten years older than you were the previous night. Beyond the initial shock, how does this development change your life plans?

I’m Old Enough To Offer Advice To All Age Groups


Don’t panic, ask for a pocket money raise/ keys to the car/a better phone. Tweak your latest selfie with an Instathing filter. You wanted to look older, right?


Simply vow never to drink again. Eat something greasy. Plan tonight’s fun. Go back to bed, it’s too early to be up anyhow.

Adults (Young)

It’s all in your mind. You young’uns don’t know you’re born… (rant, dribble, etc)

Adults (Medium)

Install a new low energy  light above the mirror. Run a hot shower before you look in the mirror (this works) Swear off red wine, again. Plan a few early nights. Don’t panic, you can do that later.

Adults (Senior)

Be grateful, at least you still appear in mirrors. It probably also means you’re still standing up. NB, check fog on mirror for signs of breathing. Rejoice. Buy a new phone, drink more red wine, stay up and generally try and act disgracefully. Keith Richards is your hero.  Much too late to panic now.

PS, dispense sage wisdom via the internet, people will be so grateful.

Handy Hint

Only ever look at your reflection in running water


One thought on “But No Wiser!

  1. Very good ideas. I look for breath in the mirror already. Add ten years? Hmm. Not necessarily.


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