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Another Set Of Eyes…. Daily Prompt


What are some (or one) of the things about which you usually don’t trust your own judgment, and need someone’s else’s confirmation?

A Good Editor Is Hard To Find.


I’ve found to my cost that the spoll chacker is no substitute for another pair of eyes. Typos, spellos, escaped punctuation, the odd rogue apostrophe  (ooh I hate those)…  all get past me.  When I’m blogging I like to write in a hurry,but  that has it’s drawbacks. I also get a bit miffed when some of my words are underlined in red. The interweb runs on American spelling… no offence, but I’m English.  Plus, the damn thing underlines my surname…. I can’t be doing with that.

Usually I’m my own proofreader…. about fifteen seconds after I’ve hit Publish. The little gremlins come out of the woodwork and sit there grinning. I can correct them, no problem, but my loyal followers always get the wonky copy. Maybe one day, when I’m picking up my Nobel Prize (for Self Pity) my original posts will be traded as first editions.

It’s a Sunday, so I’ve just published another excerpt from Mostly Frank, a story that seems to be writing itself. I could have put it out under today’s Daily Prompt…. but I really don’t like off topic spam posts.

You can read ‘Setting The Clock’ here if you like. Feel free to point out the typos. If I can ever afford an editor, it’ll save money.

OK all, I’m off out the back to pick a couple of eggplanets for my parmigiana.


Copy editing, scanned photo from wayback.

More Frank

 Copyright notice.

3 thoughts on “Another Set Of Eyes…. Daily Prompt

  1. I completely agree. Another pair of eyes is essential.


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