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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Stair To The Fair


The challenge

For this week’s challenge, share with us your own take on zigging and zagging. It can be a winding path, the Herringbone pattern on your coat, a scar: any jagged line that tells a story.

I forgot the most obvious zig zag, this is from my town.


A Sunday stroll up to the fair

Escalier du Calvaire, Figeac, France.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Stair To The Fair

  1. Forget the fair. Just walking to it looks like the adventure.


  2. a delightful zigzag stroll. thanks for sharing


  3. Does anyone carry a heavy wooden cross up that wiggly staircase, Peter ? – like, before easter ? It’d be a really good workout … 😉


  4. Some good zigzag exercise!



  5. a really great zig zag image.


  6. quite da’ hike 🙂


  7. Lovely shot for this week’s challenge. That actually looks like a steep climb upwards. I think if you were to make it to the top, you’d have to go slow so as to not tire yourself too much. If I were to get up there, I’d walk very, very, very slow like a snail 🙂


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