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Weekly Photo Challenge 2: Relics Watch Over Us


This week’s challenge.

 It’s too good a topic for a single post!  I put together these photos yesterday. They do seem perfect for the challenge.

 Some relics watch over us, though we hardly notice.  I wonder who they were?

Share a photo of what “relic” means to you — it could be your still-running 1979 Honda Accord Hatchback, an historic building in your town, or an old, rusted farm implement poking up through the long grass in a field.


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge 2: Relics Watch Over Us

  1. Reckon I know where those come from ! – if I’m right, we parked there twice ! Wonderful grotesques !!!


  2. Your title is too intriguing to miss your post. Loved your photos and they are so captivating.

    Let me know where did you capture those – city / country.